Example Design System

What it is

This is example repository with a documentation for a Vuejs app.

It was created by using:

The goal of it is to show you, the programmer, what is possible when you work with JSDoc.

You can simply apply the same rules to the React application.

What it contains


There are 2 components documented:

On their pages you can see:

  • programming interface with props, methods, events and slots
  • preview with the option to modify example codes in the browser.


There are a couple of tutorials on the sidebar. Both Colors and Brand identity are filed with some example content. Rest is empty.

Client library

Also, there is an example client library: RESTClient documented.

You can verify there how to:

  • document methods with properties and return values
  • document custom types


example-design-system is Copyright © 2019 SoftwareBrothers.co. It is free software and may be redistributed under the MIT license.

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